Stair Nose vs Stair Tread

At Treads Plus, each of our Stair Treads can be purchased in 2 variants; the Stair Tread Kit, and the Stair Nose.  Here we will cover the differences and why you will probably want both while tackling your LVP stair project.

Stair Nose:

  1. 1 Luxury Vinyl Plank that is bent to cover the nose portion of your stair.
  2. Depth is usually 1-1/2" less than the width of your plank.
    1. Example:  If your planks are 7" wide, the nose depth will be roughly 5-1/2".
  3. You provide the additional planks needed to cover the remaining uncovered stair.
  4. This variant is less expensive as you supply the remaining plank(s) needed to cover the entire stair.
  5. Shipping is also less for noses because they are half the weight.  If you have extra flooring, it's not a bad idea to order noses only.

Stair Tread Kit:

  1. Usually comprised of a 1 Stair Nose plus one Supplemental Luxury Vinyl Plank that will be clicked into the back of the Stair Nose to cover your entire stair.
  2. Sides of the supplemental Luxury Vinyl Plank will be cut to the same length as the stair nose.
  3. Great for all stairs except the top stair, as the extra plank is most likely not needed to join the to the top landing.
  4. Because the entire tread is twice the weight, shipping is usually more.


The most common use case is to order 1 stair nose to cover your top stair, and entire stair treads for the remaining stairs.  If however you have extra planks at home or you want to save both on product and shipping cost, selecting all noses and supplying your own additional planks might be the best option for you.