About Us

Welcome to Treads Plus! Our story began with a scenario that may resonate with many homeowners. Nate, one of our founders, was knee-deep in a home renovation project.  He had decided to replace carpet with Luxury Vinyl flooring, because of it's extreme durability and beautiful design. However, when it came to the stairs, he encountered a frustrating challenge.

The available options for his stairs left much to be desired. Nate was confronted with a choice between compromising on safety with a tripping hazard overlay or sacrificing durability with a tread made from subpar materials.  To make matters worse, both options didn't even match!  As an engineer with a passion for innovation, Nate couldn't accept these limitations and was determined to find a better solution.

Nate discovered that using Luxury Vinyl Planks for the Stair Nose was the perfect solution. Unlike previous options, this provided a seamless stairs tread with an exact color match and texture match. It also provided the durability of Luxury Vinyl Planks, and could be used on his top step to seamlessly connect his stairs and top floor. The result was exactly what he had hoped for.

From this solution, Treads Plus was born. Our mission is simple: to empower homeowners with innovative solutions that enhance both style and safety. We understand the frustrations of compromise, which is why we're dedicated to delivering products that exceed expectations.

At Treads Plus, we're not just a company; we're a community of like-minded individuals driven by a shared commitment to redefining the home improvement experience. Join us as we continue to push boundaries and transform the way you approach staircase design.