Business Account Product Options

On our retail site, our Product Offering is very straight forward; You select the length of plank you need, along with the Tread Height.  For our Business Customers, we provide a much more customized experience.  Below are the different options you can select when purchasing Treads through a business account:

Stair Nose Size

We currently offer Stair Noses in 2 Sizes, 1-1/8" and 1-1/2". The Size is defined as the innder diameter of the Stair Nose. See the Image to the left for more details.
The 1-1/8 Tread should be used when the Stair Tread in the Customers home is 1". Otherwise the 1-1/2" Stair Nose should be used.

Plank Supplier

If you are a contractor or especially a manufacturer, it is likely that you're getting great volume discounts when ordering product. If that's the case, you may choose to supply the planks. When doing so, please keep in mind that you'll be responsible for freight cots to ship the planks to us, and we need 5% more planks than the amount ordered to cover waist.


ETA of Planks to Treads Plus

If you do plan on sending the planks to us, please let us know when we can expect to receive the shipment.

Desired Fulfilment Date

Our site doesn't currently calculate your expected delevery date on large scale orders. For now, if you have time constaints, please reach out to us before submitting an order.

Side Cut

1 Inch from both sides of the plank are cut.  This is done to remove any uneven ends that may occur during the cooling process, and is highly recommended.

Nose Cut

A Cut is made along the entire length of the plank on the nose, to remove the tongue.  This makes a cleaner edge.  The edge is then hand sanded to prevent it from being too sharp.

Foam Backing Removal

Foam backing is removed.  During the heating process the foam can become slightly malformed.  Some customers prefer to have it removed.

Punched Foam

Foam backing is punched forming small holes which provides extra strong adhesion to the stairs.

Wire Brushing

Foam backing is brushed causing scoring which provides extra strong adhesion to the stairs.

Treads Plus Seam two Planks for Stair Tread


Two standard width planks are seamed together with a metal strip that is pressed into the underside of both boards making a sturdy, rigid bond, which results in a full depth tread.  If you are supplying the planks, keep in mind you will need to supply two planks for each seam you order.

Treads Plus Glue Two Planks into Stair Tread

Glue Up

Two planks are heated, and welded together to form an extra long plank.  For example, 2 48 inch planks can be formed into a 98 inch plank.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our services please don't hesitate to:

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