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Treads Plus 2 Step Display

Treads Plus 2 Step Display

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Introducing the Treads Plus 2 Step Display – the premier showcase for highlighting the unmatched superiority of Treads Plus Stair Noses. Crafted to emphasize the exceptional features and benefits of Treads Plus products, this display offers a compelling platform to illustrate the precise color and texture matching capabilities, effortless click-fit installation, and unparalleled safety enhancements that set Treads Plus apart from the competition.

Treads Plus Key Features:

  1. Precise Color and Texture Matching: Elevate your retail presentation with Treads Plus Stair Noses, renowned for their exact color and texture match to customers' flooring. Our 2 Step Vinyl Display allows you to spotlight this distinctive feature, enabling customers to envision the seamless integration of Treads Plus stair noses with their flooring materials. Bid farewell to color sharing – Treads Plus ensures flawless harmony and aesthetic cohesion for a truly polished finish.

  2. Effortless Click-Fit Installation: Unlike conventional stair noses requiring transition pieces, Treads Plus Stair Noses click seamlessly into customers' flooring, eliminating the need for additional accessories and streamlining the installation process. With our 2 Step Vinyl Display, you can demonstrate the simplicity and convenience of this innovative click-fit system, empowering customers to achieve professional-grade results effortlessly.

  3. Enhanced Safety Benefits: Treads Plus Stair Noses not only offer aesthetic advantages but also prioritize safety. By eliminating the need for transition pieces, Treads Plus minimizes tripping hazards and creates a safer environment for household members and visitors alike. With our 2 Step Vinyl Display, you can emphasize this critical safety feature, reassuring customers that their well-being is paramount in every Treads Plus installation.

Benefits of Partnering with Treads Plus:

  1. Competitive Advantage: Align your brand with excellence by offering the best stair nose solution in the market. With Treads Plus, you gain a competitive edge that distinguishes your offerings from competitors, elevating your reputation as a provider of quality and innovation.

  2. Expanded Sales Opportunities: Say goodbye to lost sales due to incompatible flooring and stair treads. With Treads Plus, customers no longer face the frustration of mismatched materials, enabling you to capture every sales opportunity and exceed customer expectations.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: Partnering with Treads Plus means delivering unparalleled satisfaction to your customers. By offering a comprehensive solution that prioritizes quality, aesthetics, and safety, you inspire confidence and loyalty that resonates long after the sale.

Transform your retail experience and redefine customer expectations with the Treads Plus 2 Step Vinyl Display. Showcase the superior advantages of Treads Plus Stair Noses and elevate your brand to new heights of success. With Treads Plus, excellence is not just a promise – it's a guarantee.


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